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Project ID Idea Name Domain Abstract
389 Better Solution Process MIMO is the future for 5G Communication which will result in faster communication.
392 SASC Infrastructure An autonomous shopping cart that would follow the customer help him shop without dragging it everywhere, displaying an estimate of the total cost as well as helping to scan the products
394 Revolutionized 5GAntenna Infrastructure Good Communication is the basic step for modern infrastructure. Our antenna is based on advanced 5G MM Waveband chnology that will be proved mainly beneficial for the telecommunication sector of Pak.
396 Flakfence Infrastructure Flakfence is a hardware based network security solution that can be remotely configured using an Android application. It gives the admin complete control over what comes in and goes out of network.
397 DataTrove Infrastructure DataTrove is a complete machine learning based security solution which protects against Scanning, DoS and web attacks in real-time by engaging the attacker using an efficient honeypot approach.
403 5G Antenna Process MIMO is the future for 5G Communication which will result in faster communication.
404 Career Genie Education A Gaming app that will give choices to users and determine the interest and psyche of the user and in the end, suggest suitable career fields accordingly.
405 Bladeless Drone Safety Our design replaces sharp propeller blades with thrusters inspired by the Dyson bladeless fan. Bladed components are completely enclosed within the drone body, thereby improving indoor flight safety.
406 Creatiwitree Infrastructure Our project is about connecting NUST students with freelancing opportunities, initially targeting NUST start-ups.
407 ILM Infrastructure The system is designed for efficient management of books in the library. It will provide RFID authentication, anti-theft control. Book search, self-checkout, alerts will be displayed on a Mobile App.
408 Inundatio Monitoring Cities Our dashboard will assist the concerned in monitoring of water depth and electrical conductivity during floods hence making them proactive consequently reducing fatalities and economic losses.
411 Grow Agriculture We aim to introduce and incorporate the latest hydroponics technology with machine learning,Computer Vision, Embedded Systems, and IoT technology to make a fully autonomous system to grow crops.
412 Tracube Infrastructure We propose a GPS independent, long range, power efficient, scalable, robust and cost-efficient Tracking system using LoRa technology. This tracking system will be designed without aid of GPS.
413 Dhol Baja Lifestyle The idea of "Dhol Baja" is to create an app that will allow people to book their wedding halls from the comfort of their own home without having to go through the hassle of physical visits.
414 Chalkboard Education Project Chalkboard aims to develop a user-friendly educational app for Schools in Pakistan that enable the schools to connect to their students and staff to ensure that quality education is maintained
415 CLOZET Lifestyle A digital fashion-shopping platform that brings together all the Pakistani brands, allowing the customers to shop from hundreds of their favorite stores.
416 GO-Mem Environment Theoretical fabrication of a graphene oxide embedded PES membrane from new and unique methods. Locally produced graphene used in our design will ultimately make the product cost effective.
417 Innovative Roads Infrastructure Damaged roads are common in rural areas as well as semi-urban areas causing various problems. One cause of such roads is rain especially heavy monsoon. Innovative roads counter by absorbing water.
418 LiveIOT Agriculture We provide a solution of Smart-livestock monitoring system for dairy farms problems of insufficient yield through constant tracking of animal health and taking actions against problematic factors.
419 MIMO ANTENNA Infrastructure Designing a compact, low profile, and low-cost massive MIMO antennas. The proposed antenna will be targeting the freq bands used in modern 4G communication as well as the sub 6 GHz band of 5G.
420 STCS Infrastructure This project is to build an innovative prototype using ML & IP techniques which integrates software and hardware to build a smart administrative tool to reduce the traffic congestion.
421 Mygiene Cities Information regarding the menstrual knowledge and practices of Pakistani girls is sparse and Mygiene allows girls to access hygiene kits for progressive workflow.
422 Ghirasti Economic A platform for women to regain control of their free-time, while developing a strong social network within their communities, gaining financial freedom, and building their confidence.
423 REPEAT Environment We will design a process and a machine to recycle PET water bottles, regardless of their color, and produce yarn from them.
424 Vibrationless turbines Infrastructure We perform research to choose the most suitable turbine blade material that not only possesses ideal vibrational response but also carries less weight.
425 Gait Assessment Health Our idea is to use Microsoft Azure Kinect Sensor with Cloud Support to monitor the gait of the patients. It will be a portable and easy to use system that can be deployed in homes.
426 SUB-Robo Infrastructure Development of a supernumerary upper body robot that will not only enhance weight lifting capabilities of labor but also be highly dexterous so as to allow complex tasks to be performed.
427 Automated-Asset Management Infrastructure Software that will LIDAR point cloud and its corresponding 2D image of the roadway and then it will do the rest from identifying assets to find their desired dimension automatically.
428 Electric Wheelchair Lifestyle Wheelchairs used in Pakistan are manual which make it difficult for the user to travel. On the other hand, electric wheelchairs are expensive. We aim to design a cost-efficient power attachment.
429 Epicare Health A real-time approach for the detection of epileptic seizures (GTCS) to present a hardware implementation of this approach to notify caregivers using mobile based framework and cloud.
430 E-commerce Infrastructure Ease is a E-commerce platform aimed to integrate the one of the biggest industry in Pakistan-the textile industry. The aim is increase profit by providing ease and access of business transactions.
431 SSTRUM Infrastructure SSTRUM is a complete machine learning based solution, which automates the process of call tracking in Pashto language by listening to pre-recorded or real-time calls.
432 Interlocking Bricks Infrastructure Cement Stabilized Interlocking Bricks is the name of innovation in the world of Bricks where bricks don
433 Magnetic Braking Infrastructure This project proposes an additional contactless braking system that will act as a secondary retarder for automobiles and it does not suffer from brake fade problems of friction brakes.
434 Asclipius Health My idea is to bring machine learning in healthcare, specifically molecular diagnostics. With close inspection of a patient
435 Gas Network Energy Model of the gas network will be designed to find losses in the gas network. The timely simulation of the system will give us all possible real time losses in the original system.
436 Apnea Track Health We are aiming at ease of the patient and limiting risks and diseases by developing a device for respiration monitoring and apnea detection that will be :ContactlessIoT basedPortable
438 Green Panel Infrastructure Concrete Sandwich panels are innovative systems, that could make construction economical & sustainable. SCP consist of a rigid insulation foam core, which is sandwiched between two layers of concrete.
439 Biowatt Energy Our Microbial Fuel Cell is a new approach of treating waste water, domestic or industrial, with the help of microbes along with the production of clean, emission and toxins free “Bioelectricity”
440 SWARP Lifestyle SWARP is a web application for real estate prediction based on machine learning algorithm. It will allow its users to predict Real Estate features & detect scam or fraud property listings.
441 VISION Lifestyle Smart glasses are a wearable computer that is used for basic phone functions and OCR; providing an augmented reality experience in a real-time display used to combine physical and virtual information.
442 Gesture Recognition Education With the Hand Gesture based interface, the aim of the Hand Glove is to dissolve the interaction of human with their device by recognizing the hand movements of the user without touching.
443 Energy Harvester Energy Development of a sustainable hydrokinetic energy harvester. The water flow causes an oscillating (flapping) motion of the hydrofoil wing which drives a generator to produce electricity.
444 VIRA Infrastructure Vira is a Virtual Reality Telepresence Robot designed specifically for Health care providers. It will allow them to have an immersive
445 Uraan Process Uraan, a virtual reality-based environment for Mushshak aircraft that augments checklist learning with spatial cues in an immersive environment such that the procedural memorization is done with ease.
446 CodeBench-2.0 Education CodeBench 2.0 is an application that is capable of automatically grading the programming assignments providing a support for several programming languages.
447 Intelligent Signal Cities Intelligent signal auto-adjusts timings of signal lights according to the flow of traffic and recognizes number plate of vehicles, record and report road accidents to authorities in real-time.
448 Team VAXEOGEN Other Acinetobacter baumannii is a bacterial pathogen that causes nosocomial infections; notorious for its growing resistance. We will predict vaccine candidates within its genome using reverse vaccinology.
449 GASAFETY Safety Engulfed by Gas Appliances, Gas Leakage is inevitable complication today. GASAFETY, a cheap solution now with a mobile app so you can live safely and breathe air, not get suffocated by natural gas.
450 Smart Attendance Process Face Recognition technologies have made many improvements in the world. Smart Attendance using Real-Time Face Recognition is a real-world solution to the traditional handling of student attendance.
451 ezRide Infrastructure Our project is about Smart E-Bikes Hiring System in NUST that allows users to book bike through an app at the nearest docking station thus,minimizing the travel time and sustaining earth environment
452 Froods Other Our team found that a great deal of excess food is either dumped or left to expire after every such gathering. Froods is the name we give to our student initiative where we bridge the gap to save food
453 Efficient Engines Energy The project pertains to the mathematical modeling of intake and exhaust flows in a reciprocating IC engine and envisages parameterization of the single-phase fluid flows in a diesel engine.
454 Security Pro Safety The Security Pro application has features of capturing picture of a person secretly on unlocking the phone, saved into the gallery and firebase and a feature of alarm generator.
455 Madadgaar Other We aim to develop a platform where beneficiaries are connected to the ones willing to assist them. eliminating the traditional modes of campaigns for donations and making timely arrangements for them.
456 Hybrid Turbine Energy Design and analysis of portable hydrokinetic turbine which can operate in both air and water and powering the requirement of a single household.
457 AP Model Environment Toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are atmospheric pollutants representing a threat to human health requiring assessment how they are distributed in the body using blood:air parition coefficient.
458 Mini Windmill Energy In this project, we design a windmill that is easily available to all the individuals who can use this to power up a small equipment.
459 Inlights Cities Use image recognition to develop a system of traffic sensitive traffic signals which would adjust the timings according to the traffic volume under consideration, in real-time, to save time and money.
460 Autonomous Vehicle Other We are developing an Autonomous Vehicle(AV) to be used as a testing platform for researchers. Also, It helps in the development of safe vehicles for handicapped people and research in academia.
461 Helpyar Safety An SOS app that triggers on a keyword and generates an alert that sends your location to your closed contacts, nearby users and law enforcements so someone can reach out and help.
462 ACUTE Health ACUTE is an AI-based Agent-Based COVID-19 simulation framework that generates reliable forecasts for the spread of Coronavirus to facilitate healthcare decision-making and policy evaluation.
464 Smart Cushion Health Pressure ulcers arise in patients who are forced to remain seated for a long period of time due to certain health issues. Our cushion aims to prevent such occurrences using a smart feedback loop.
465 Smart Stick Lifestyle This is a complete Outdoor Navigation System, attached to a stick, for blind people to help them navigate freely towards their destination, with a step by step Route Guide & Obstacle Detection.
466 QuanTeam Education A platform to facilitate university students to find and select teammates with required skillset to build a team for multidisciplinary projects and competitions.
467 Dragon-fly UAV Infrastructure Design & Analysis of nature inspired Dragon-fly UAV for surveillance & industrial applications.
468 Write Blocker-SOUA Other The idea is to develop a device which will be used for obtaining evidence from target device while preserving its integrity, not allow a protected drive to be changed and allow read-only access
469 UHD Health The proposed idea is for a centralized healthcare database that contains vital information that will be used by first responders and doctors to administer treatments for patients/victims.
470 cot yeilder Agriculture it is a smart system driven by machine learning models inorder to check healthy and unhealthy cotton crops along with is associated diseases. this will help increase cotton production in pakistan
471 Centrifugal Compressor Process Development of a computer program to predict working and performance of a centrifugal compressor and suggest measures for its improvement
472 VNPs approach Process Plant viral nanoparticles (VNPs) are efficient tools for medical imaging and disease-targeting. Unlike artificial imaging agents, they are, non-toxic, non-infectious in humans, and very stable.
473 Portable CNC Infrastructure Our goal is to build a portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine that can be displaced with ease. This is achieved by a controlled motion in the three axes with the help of stepper motors.
475 Revenue Generation Economic We will create a 'competition' among people who visit local government hospitals in all districts. All people from every economic strata will try to give more money to get themselves diagnosed/treated
476 MicroSnap Health The user friendly interface of "MicroSnap" will enable the users to capture food for microbial profiling of various food products considering the aspect of risk/quality control and food safety.
477 CASH Safety This project aims at designing a smart wearable against sexual harassment to significantly reduce the probability of occurrence of events involving sexual abuse.
478 Autonomous Ventilator Health Many hospitals in Pakistan (especially Rural areas) cannot afford Intensive care and mechanical ventilation equipment. The purpose is to design Cost Effective and autonomous ventilator.
479 Collab Education An online platform where students from different departments can come and collaborate to do practical and self-motivated projects, with adequate involvement of industry and university academia.
480 eHealthcare Health We plan to make a medical assistant and preliminary diagnosis app that understands Urdu. The target audience is Pakistani common users who may not be well-versed with technology and English language.
481 Wedding Planet Lifestyle Wedding Planet is a for the wedding ecosystem in Pakistan. Through this anyone can search & book all the wedding related services like finding venue halls, photographers etc.
482 Imposter Detector Safety "Imposter Detector" is an AI based innovative solution for surveillance and human detection in areas that are out of bound for public, be it be border areas or out-of-bound industrial areas.
483 Suntastic Process Our main idea is to apply the passive cooling techniques specifically the PCM and/or fins usage for the thermal management applications of PV Panels/Modules.
484 IOT Based Health In this project, we will build an Automatic Hand Sanitizer System which will automatically de-sanitize an individual
485 Crankshaft Inspection Infrastructure To design and fabricate an automobile crankshaft inspection machine to measure roundness profile and cylindricity of journals with a precision of up to 1 micron.
486 SWEAT MED Health The project aims to develop a wireless, non-invasive and easy to wear sweat monitoring device. The analytes in sweat like glucose, Sodium and Potassium ions will be detected using techniques like ion
487 Epilepto-Pace Process The main purpose of this project is paced-up detection of the patients that are suffering with epilepsy and to classify between the normal and the healthy patients using ANN based FPGA architecture
488 Camless Engine Infrastructure Developing a variable valve actuation system for an engine to increase efficiency, fuel economy, emission performance and providing viable design to be potentially manufactured on a large scale .
489 Hydro-Kinetic Turbine Energy Water current turbines are the main source of utilizing kinetic energy of natural water resources using different types of rotors. These rotors are either fixed to a structure on riverside or on float
491 CCPP Program Energy The aim of this project is to design a program that can predict the output of a CCPP both for an Installed plant and a new installation design problem.
492 Tensegrity Robot Other Tensegrity robots allow for a much more cost effective solution to other planetary explorations by combining both the landing and mobility platforms into one.
493 Deception Detection Infrastructure We present a machine learning based mobile application that detects Fake News on social media.
495 BLACK GOLD Agriculture Composting is an alternative solid waste management system (SWM), it can be used for the recycling of organic matters into useful products. Organic wastes are such wastes that easily biodegradable. T
496 Water-Quality Analysis Water A time-series analysis and prediction of water quality will be performed using machine learning techniques. Water quality parameters will be obtained from Remote Sensing, Geoinformation System and IoT
497 Electric-Vehicle Conversion Energy EV conversion is the conversion of a gasoline car into a completely electric one, that is going to run on electric motor and batteries.
498 Agribot Agriculture Agribot is a robot developed for agricultural purpose. This bot is specially designed to perform agricultural tasks. The Agribot presented will have 2 main functions, seeding and drilling
499 BCI Wheelchair Process Brain computer interface (BCI) can be defined as a pathway that enables human brain to communicate and voluntarily command an external device and generate output through actuators.
500 BCI-controlled Exoskeleton Infrastructure People with paralyzed upper limbs and cerebral palsy do not have a controlled movement. This project focuses on an exoskeleton which will help them move the upper limb using BCI and be self-dependent.
501 Micro Gripper Infrastructure Development of Automated Piezoelectric Gripper For Manipulation of Micro objects
502 Throwable UGV Safety throwable robot can sustain falls up to 10 meters using custom made honeycomb tires and suspension and providing visual feedback to the user for surveillance ,search and rescue
503 water purification Water we will develop a cheap, and reusable nanocomposite that will simultaneously remove three main pollutants of the waste water. Industrial waste can also be converted to drinking water.
504 OBD SCANNER Process The project deals with the development of OBD Scanner for FTS_34 Truck. It will help us to predict the working nature of engine by getting the real time data and helps vehicle's owner and technicians.
505 Seedarette Environment We founded ‘Seedarette’ with the vision to provide a less-damaging alternative to what is currently available on the market. This is the first cigarette that does not leave plastic behind.
506 CMS. Health CMS is an EKG based data driven signal processing system. It would facilitate cardiac monitoring and analysis for patients from far flung areas with no access to cardiac centers.
507 Autonomous Shipment Infrastructure We will automate the shipment process by introducing trucks that will contain mini drones to deliver packages to different homes in the same vicinity at the same time. Social distancing is maintained.
508 Autobalancing Motorcycle Safety Autobalancing of a two wheel vehicle can be achieved using mechanical gyroscopes. Gyroscopes will generate a balancing force opposite to the tilt of the body. It will make bike handling safe and easy.
509 Tremor Detect Health An innovative Machine Learning web application that serves as an early detection and tracking tool for Parkinson
510 Solo Crew Economic Our enterprise will help needy students and graduates to earn money just by working a couple hours a day by our freelancing platform so we fight against unemployment
511 Industrial manipulator Infrastructure Robot manipulator is electronically controlled and environment cooperative instrument. This project intendeds to design two links (base and first joint) of a 6 DOF Industrial Manipulator, low in cost.
512 InFALLible Health We aim to develop an automated and adaptive fall detection with an alert message system along with cloud based deep learning deployment for personalization and edge AI for local decisions.
513 Auto-Grape-Bot Agriculture The goal of the project is to autonomously navigate and spray insecticides/pesticides in a constraintenvironment economically.
514 BioRadar Health BioRadar is a portable IoT device that uses a 60 GHz pulsed-coherent millimetre-wave radar sensor for contact-free monitoring of respiration rate, heart rate and heart rate variability.
515 Selfie Drone Process This project aims to simplify the drone positioning process for photography. Instead of manually positioning, the drone will require a photo and will position itself similar to how it was taken.
516 Gard-o-Ghubar Environment The main purpose of this project is to monitor the air pollution through coarse resolution and then by finding the most startling area; place a device to monitor fine air pollutants.
517 Awair Environment Our idea proposes to make a efficient air quality monitoring and prediction system based on satellite imagery and deep learning techniques.
518 Easy Kasht Agriculture The purpose of this project is to make an affordable crop and irrigation monitoring system using a combination of an automated drone and a one-click mobile application.
519 Parking Sensor Safety The main purpose of a parking sensor is to detect obstacles such as walls, pedestrians, traffic cones etc. Generally, when the car parking sensor detects some mass, it starts to beep.
520 Olive Pitting Agriculture The translation of raw olives into dietary or medicinal use requires processing. Pit removal is a major constraint in processing. A semi-autonomous machine is designed for effective pit extraction.
521 Nano Vaccination Health The idea is based carbon nanodot based vaccine delivery system. Immunization of nasal associated lymphoid tissue(NALT) can prove to be promising approach to achieve potent and longer lasting immunity.
522 Crop Recommendation Agriculture The idea is to created a Machine Learning application for farmers that will help them determine which crop to plant, using soil conditions, weather, and other factors, that results in highest yield.
523 Ultrasonic Cleaner-Machine Infrastructure Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine(UCM) is used for cleaning variety of materials. The Machine makes use of sonication in range of 40 and 200 kHz. Goal of this project is to design and develop UCM.
524 Robonurse Health Patients more likely survive disease, if hospital have high nurse-patient ratio. Nurse staff is prone to infectious diseases, toxic substances, radiation. Bot will minimize risks and speed up process
525 Conveyer Belt Infrastructure We are determined to provide industry 4.0 new automated Wire-Less and Battery-Less Conveyor Belt Monitoring System. Which is energy-efficient and easy to maintain without Industry and Labour Loss.
526 Sphericity Test Infrastructure The idea revolves around performing soccer ball sphericity test using Machine Vision instead of traditional CSM Machine used in industry which is expensive and slow.
527 Anomaly Detection Process NextGen Anomaly Detection Engine detects an anomaly in the network traffic with the help of machine learning and visualizes it to security analyst.
528 Karobaar Process Our app will make it easy for the kiryana stores in the country to procure inventory for their stores through our Urdu-only app-based marketplace. It will connect kiryana stores and wholesalers.
530 CNC Milling Process The 3-axis modular CNC machine for PCB fabrication and milling of soft metals is targeted to improve the electronics manufacturing industry of Pakistan by enhancing local production of PCBs.
531 Sustainable Home Cities To reduce dependence on the grid, we propose an IoT system that can monitor power consumption and generation. We applied machine learning algorithms for solar forecasting and demand-side management.
532 Tabcoal Energy Tablets of activated charcoal can be manufactured from waste plant material. Waste plant material can be passed through conventional pyrolysis and converted into charcoal.
533 Power Walk Energy Our goal is to develop a sustainable energy source through Piezo-electric tiles. The idea revolves around installing them in different areas and extracting energy from people
534 Personetics Other Personetics is a biotech company idea that hopes to specialize in developing an early diagnostic tool which allows rapid and cost-effective assembly of disease-related hotspots.
535 Garment Packaging Infrastructure It is an automatic and intelligent machine that would pack garments in bags. The objectives include designing of mechanical structure, control mechanism and algorithm.
536 Flamingo Infrastructure Flamingo is a mobile application implying the concept of augmented reality to help us out by connecting us to theoutside world without restricting us with in the boundaries of the screen.
537 Sustainable Developement Environment (1): Replacement of styrofoam and plastic using "Biodegradable and Sustainable" mushroom packaging. (2): Replacing plastic utensils with Bamboo utensils.
538 ARCBEV Infrastructure We will develop a rapid charger for battery-electric-vehicles (BEVs) conforming to the most widely accepted world standard (CCS: Combined Charging System) and according to the guidelines of CharIN.
539 RC PLANES Infrastructure The design, analysis and fabrication of the UAVs is significant requirement of today’s aerospace industry. This project highlights detailed procedure for the design, analysis and fabrication of UAVs.
540 Wireless Tech Infrastructure A system is designed to make a motor rotate both ways and can be controlled. Then transceivers are set to control that motor from distance. Then the system is incorporated with the landing gear
541 Advanced Metering Energy We aim to design a secure and intelligent infrastructure that will integrate all of today’s metering needs in a single software-based solution.
542 Analytical Modeling Infrastructure The main aim of the project is to carry out analytical modeling and simulation of a dynamic low-bypass turbofan engine to simplify the simulation from a computational standpoint.
543 Trajectory Education Trajectory Optimization of various maneuver's of an aircraft which will be Simulated for better understanding of results all these processes will be done using MATLAB software.
544 Turbine-cooling Analyzer Infrastructure A comparative study of various techniques employed for turbine cooling and development of computer code to analyze the performance of different methods to enhance the performance of the turbine.
545 FDM Agriculture Flight dynamic model is the heart of computer drone simulations. They can be used for testing flights with minimal cost. They can also be used to customize the drone for desired outputs.
546 E2RS Safety A real time vehicle tracking system with a web based interface to respond to emergency and distress calls by providing rescue services.
547 GaitPro Health The project aims to develop a cost-effective as well as an efficient gait analysis system using video cameras, passive markers, force sensors and instrumented treadmill.
548 PortableVacuumForming Machine Infrastructure Vacuum Forming involves heating a plastic sheet until soft and then draping it over a mold. A vacuum is applied sucking the sheet into the mold. The sheet is then ejected from the mold.
549 ExperiPad Education multi-purpose, Portable, Modular, Learning and Experimentation kit for students of science and engineering at college and university level.
550 Shrimp Rover Infrastructure Autonomous Systems Lab in Switzerland presented the design of a six-wheel vehicle. Shrimp Rover is designed to solve some problems like raised stairs and navigation through tough geographical terrain.
551 Gait Rehabilitation Health We are making a wearable gait assessment and Training band/ device which can be used to improve Gait training Gait profiling and pre-screening of gait impairments Improving dynamic balance, reducing
552 Riveting Process Infrastructure Design and development of a novel riveting process for hard to access aerospace and automotive joints. The project aims to improve the strength of already existing joints.
553 PV Reliability Energy An indoor soiling station with more advancements and cost reduction has been designed to study and mitigate the losses caused by different environmental factors like soil, wind, humidity, etc.
554 Energy Trading Energy P2P is the concept of generation of electi using renewable sources, particularly solar energy by houses. These houses can both buy and sell energy(prosumers) to other nodes in the electricity network.
555 recycle waste Environment The main aim of the project is to recycle electrical waste for advanced energy applications.
556 AI-based Ophthalmology Health We are developing a 360° AI based Ophthalmology Grading & Analysis tool that will automate the long doctor-patient cycle in Ophthalmology. It will use AI & Cloud to provide quick & accurate solutions.
557 Project ROAD Process R.O.A.D is a desktop application which will provide a deeper insight to image processing, computer vision and will enabling different aspects of lane detection and improving the results using ML.
558 Suits Process A website enabling law firms and individuals to register onto a common platform where they can be found and contacted by potential clients. Customers can find the essential information about lawyers.
559 Hydraulic Bench Infrastructure Design and fabrication of a Hydraulic Test bench for the testing of hydraulic components. The Hydraulic bench is capable of testing new and repaired components like pumps, valves, fittings, etc.
560 Edworld Education Edworld is an online learning platform exclusively for undergraduate students who need guidance in their specific university courses.
562 Braces Health Braces that make up KAFOs are imported from European countries, carrying a high price tag, thus making these unaccessible to the majority of Pakistanis. Idea is to design and produce these locally.
563 Rainwater Harvesting Water Water is life and is necessary for all life forms on earth. Pakistan is one of the countries with an imminent water crisis. In order to provide water there is a simple solution, Rain Water Harvesting.
564 Waste power Energy In this project municipal solid waste will be gasified to produce output gas which is still able to burn and produce electricity . Moreover exhaust gases will be used to produce algae.
565 Dynamic Shock-Absorber Infrastructure In the Modern World where fast cars are becoming available to general public, the need of comfort and safety is becoming ever more important. This requires adaptive shock absorbers.
566 GBM Health Gut microbiota and brain are directly linked via gut brain axis. Metabolites of gut microbiota during GBM play role in immune suppression and GBM progression.
567 Biosyringe Environment The idea is to create a biodegradable syringe that is cheaply produced using 3D-printed, bio-sourced polymers, and can be readily employed in health care settings.
570 Safe Chaff-Cutter Agriculture Chaff Cutters being made locally lack any safety features and thus are the resason of >50% of agricultural injuries. We aim to make a safe chaff cutter within affordability of our locals.
571 DCAT Other Identify disasters using extracted and classified information from Tweets .The classified data is mapped showing points of occurrences of disasters.This helps in visualizing disasters as they occur.
572 miRNA Therapy Health Our idea is to use micro RNAs(miRNAs) as a treatment strategy for COVID-19. Since Corona virus is an RNA virus which acts as a mRNA and miRNAs target and degrade mRNA by binding to 3
573 Smart Umbrella Lifestyle Our idea is to design an umbrella that deploys and closes automatically on the account of temperature, rain and sunlight using a control system incorporated with sensors.
574 Automatic filling Infrastructure The purpose of this project is to develop an automatic liquid filling machine using pressure difference process and filling is controlled using different mechanisms.
575 Parchedment Environment Our idea is centered around the recycling of waste cigarette stubs. It is a process that will use wasted cigarette stubs and turn them into pure cellulose acetate which will be turned into paper.
577 Piezergenation Energy A piezoelectric energy harvesting system to lessen the power load of streetlights and transfer the small,irregular amount of current produced by vibrations sensed by piezo material to generate energy.
578 Agri-drone Agriculture Design and analysis of a low-cost agriculture drone that carries payload by optimizing the design of its components for maximum performance
579 Cancer Treatment Health Nitro-benzaldehyde applied to the tumor using targeted nanoparticles and exposed by a beam of UV light causes the cells to become basic and die.
580 Infestation Monitoring Agriculture The annual food loss of 1.3 billion tons needs to be reduced by controlling post-harvesting losses, especially storage, by introducing novel and efficient Infestation monitoring technique for silos.
581 PCR Ready Other An indigenous automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System which prepares samples for a number of PCR tests ( Covid-19, Hepatitis, etc). Being fully automated it is highly safe and free of human errors
582 Lidar Vision Cities Sensor fusion for vehicle classification and speed estimation using cameras,2D lidars and raspberry pi.
583 XAR Health Cloud Based Medical Report Generation Of Thoracic Diseases From Chest X-ray Images
584 ARMS Infrastructure An autonomous robotic lift that picks up heavy switchgear equipment from ground level onto a rover system that transports it to workstations over distances that are unsafe for a human workforce.
585 Immunofood Sensors Agriculture Aflatoxins-toxic metabolites are responsible for the contamination of agro products. For rapid detection of aflatoxins, immunosensors are advantageous in terms of low cost and simple construction.
586 Safe Drive Infrastructure Drowsy driving is a dangerous combination of driving and sleepiness. This usually happens when a driver has not slept enough which usually happens with truck drivers as they ha
587 SwapDE Wardrobe Lifestyle Young girls wear an expensive outfit once and feel embarrassed to repeat it. Swap de wardrobe is a high-end cloth pooling and rental platform to fulfill the need of young girls to wear new outfits.
589 Dr. Paper Health Paper-based sensors can revolutionize the field of real-time health monitoring. These sensors will create a contact-free hospital setting to protect staff & automatically track patients' vitals.
590 Wasooq Health We envision integrated healthcare services in Pakistan. Our unique intervention is art therapy.
591 MTSMercado Enterprise Infrastructure connect industry to the user, Beauty products, we have the database of the most famous yet demanding products in the market thus providing a source of profitable as well as sustainable business idea.
592 Anxiety Assistant Health A bracelet with sensors for detecting physical changes in your body during an anxiety attack or a situation of stress, the bracelet links with an app that notifies and helps out using interoception.
593 Connecting Champions Economic Linking people with the jobs before they get inducted and building connections between people and industry professionals through a call or chat, as required and gain the required information.
594 Central Cooler Lifestyle Pakistan has a great source of cold natural water. This water gains heat while being kept in tanks. We want to use its coldness in cooling the air supplied to rooms by using evaporative cooler.
595 Biodegradable Battery Health Targeted drug delivery are of great importance as enables concentrated delivery Drug Compound to its desire target, increasing the efficiency of the drug as well reducing off target effects
596 Handy Care Health When a person is depressed, or feeling empty, a little extra help in dealing with such feelings is something a person can always use. Our app is the little therapy tool that provides fun activities.
597 Green App Cities This app would contain proper procedures of waste disposals especailly for the industrial waste and would also provide courses for this.
598 Van Alert Process A service to make lives easier of both, van-drivers and students. We
599 Education Empowerment Education Every Pakistani is not able to get a proper education. So, giving “Free and Quality education” on YouTube will be very beneficial for students. We just need a team of talented and dedicated teachers.
600 Psychiatric Classifier Health A machine learning based classifier for mental health issues.
601 Archomate Infrastructure A well trained Machine Learning Model will take inputs Like Plot size,total rooms and Generate Efficent 2D,3D housemap within Minutes & further Augmented Reality will help user to saw interior design.
602 Uraan Economic A social entrepreneurship project to create awareness about work-study programs, promote self-sustainable skill development, and empower social and financial stability in students.
603 Karwann Health Karwann is an initiative aimed at eradicating period poverty that exists throughout Pakistan by developing a pad making machine that enables us to deliver low-cost, accessible and cruelty free pads.
604 DRONEY Safety First responder autonomous fire-fighting drone that will have the ability to neutralize early-stage fire-related incidents. Fire if prevented at an early-stage reduces the risk and saves the day.
605 SPRushion Health Our aim is to design a cushion that relieves pressure for bedridden patients who have developed pressure ulcers or have high tendency of developing it because of their already occurring condition
606 Pheriwalay Process Pheriwalay is an E-commerce App, based on a model similar to "Careem", but it connects people with street vendors(Vegetable Sellers, etc), by showing their movement and location in a specific radius.
607 Community Book-Sharing Lifestyle Our app will allow people to share their collection with their localities, thus allowing everyone to read more affordably.
608 ZeoAsh Environment This project offers a solution to the environmental threat of coal fly-ash production from coal power plants by producing an indigenous supply of a vital product, pure phase zeolites.
609 DeepFakes for Social Media(DFSM) Infrastructure In DFSM we will teach a software to memorize faces, expressions and movements of a person’s face so that the machine can later project that information onto another person’s face.
610 SMART CANE Health The idea is to design an assistive smart cane for the blind for feedback based on obstacle detection and easy navigation.
611 AlgaeCare Lifestyle In the ever-worsening air pollution, there is a requirement for an eco-friendly system that can replenish the oxygen levels and remove the pollutants, providing people with clean air at least indoors.
612 Accessibility Solution Process While working in groups, we require the sharing of resources (Software, Hardware, and Data Sharing, etc), and our project aims to provide an accessibility package that would speed up work efficiency.
613 Cancer Vaccine Health Changing the conventional breast cancer diagnosis and treatment in Pakistan, A country with a prominent women death ratio due to breast cancer annually, by using immunotherapy and liquid biopsies.
614 Compostify Environment Compostify aims to solve Pakistan's food waste management problems through sustainable practices . Food waste produced commercially and domestically will be converted to compost and sold as product.
615 Smart Home Other Technology has now advanced to the point at which we wish to take an integrated approach to home automation allowing appliances to communicate and controlled in a flexible way.
616 Forest Protect Environment Our idea aims at tackling a long existing environmental and economic problem of human-driven deforestation by an early warning and real time forest surveillance system.
617 Cure-ifier Health Amid the pandemic, we aim to focus on healthcare and disinfection applying HVAC; the goal is to couple air purification methodology and photocatalysis in one spot to lessen bacteria and diseases.
618 FuseTech Infrastructure This project intends to adapt the literature of self-driving cars for the detection and classification of vehicles for surveillance purposes such as e-tolling, navigation of autonomous vehicles.
619 Fitprosthetic Health Design of an active indenter device called fitprosthetic is presented which measures limb tissue biomechanics and designs a comfortable socket interface to people with limb amputation.
620 Tiny House Lifestyle 97.6 % population of Pakistan is lower income class which needs a cheep housing solution, and we are here with both a low cost and luxurious housing.
621 DigiCon Infrastructure To develop an application that shows finishing stage fittings of a house on 3D model to customer for making realistic choices and determine precise cost estimates at the planning stage of the project
623 E-Assist Education E-Assist is a hardware-based solution to increase the quality and ease of delivering lectures. With the help of sensors and smart assistants, we make lectures more immersive and enjoyable.
624 PowerUp Health To develop a wearable IOT device with accompanying ecosystem that aims to help novice and professional athletes in gaining muscle insight ,prevent unequal muscle growth and avoid injury.
625 CT Infrastructure This application aims to track and monitor any vehicle. Containing primary function of anti-theft and alarm system. Also keeping record of fuel.An innovative idea to make our vehicles more safe.
626 Roadster Infrastructure we plan on building a feasible roadster comfortable and strong enough to become a daily.
627 SMART TROLLEY Lifestyle The purpose of the project is to make convenience for the customers of supermarkets by giving the real time details of the product and also adapting smart billing system to facilitate customers
628 Food Everywhere Process We will create an app that will enable people living in residential areas to sell the fruits and vegetables they grow at home online. They will also be able to buy seeds, fertilizers and advanced equi
629 Dredge Bot Environment A remote and sustainable solution for De-silting of DAMs, canals, harbors and Lagoons.
630 Integrated Innovations Water installment of a catchment on the roof of the building above the level of overhead tank, to collect water and store in the tank by gravity flow then the simulation will be used for higher accuracy
631 En-root Other As screen-time in this era has increased. It is effecting pre-school and school children (4-10 years old) negatively. They are developing inattention, hyperactivity and aggression.
632 ActiveDrive Health A small and compact device that is installed in the vehicle dashboard and uses Image Processing and Deep Learning CNNs to detect signs of fatigue and drowsiness and prevents the driver from sleeping
633 Landslide Safety Health According to rough estimate about 25000 people die every year because of landslides. This study therefore, focused on developing a simple user friendly landslide early warning system.
634 Smart Card Infrastructure A data logging system that allows record keeping of entries along with the ability to store credit. An Android application is an integrated part of the design that allows the user to stay notified.
635 Memes Identifier Other A direct or indirect attack on people based on characteristics, including ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, caste, sex etc. And we are developing an AI Model to identify and remove this content
636 LG Rig Education It absorbs the force of the landing impact and carries the weight of the aircraft in all ground operations, including takeoff, taxi stops and towing.
637 Autonomous Drone Lifestyle A multi-purpose project that incorporates totally autonomous delivery system. And inflight charging systems for drones with cost-effectiveness. It will attract drone technology consumers of all sorts.
638 WM Water The project proposed outlines a holistic cost-competitive, smart home water management system used to tackle the issue downstream geared towards the challenges a third-world country faces.
639 Gemstone Hub Infrastructure By developing a technologically advanced, self-sustainable hub of gemstones, we can spread awareness, provide jobs and platform for growth & invite tourists, hobbyists & professionals to Pakistan.
640 Portable Scooter Lifestyle A carriable portable mobility scooter suited well for comfortable transportation which is lightweight and can fit in a confined space, with long battery life and can move through rough terrain.
641 Admission Process Process This study will analyze characteristics of admission process for PG students currently practiced at NUST which includes evaluation of trends/tendencies, completeness and balance of variables.
642 HYBRID PRINTER Process The proposed project aims to design and develop an additive manufacturing (3D printing) system that combines two already present systems, i.e. FDM and SLA, to produce a more efficient system.
643 Security Macro Safety This anti intrusion system serves as a safety feature that alerts people in the house who have installed it, of an unusual activity. It can also serve as an additional layer of security in Lockers.
644 GAM-B Health Gesture based Automated multifunction Bed with 4 angular motions on hand gesture.
645 Smart Dumpster Environment Smart Dumbster is a waste management system that analyses the waste present inside it, alerts the officials incase of any irregularity, keeps them posted about waste control and Quality of air.
646 MRI Coils Health MRI is one of the most promising image modality to detect abnormalities in the human anatomy. Receive coil is an important component to acquire the MRI Signal.
647 Drive Smart Process The project aims to utilize OBD-II as a means of improvement in vehicular safety, security, performance, diagnostics, and analysis.
648 Demand Response Process The demand response program shifts the shiftable load from peak time to off peak time automatically depending upon the priority of the user.
649 Autonomous Surveillance Infrastructure In this project, we represent an autonomous surveillance system for security purposes in order to mitigate the burden on humans and incorporate machine usage.
650 Smart Meter Process Smart meters are a possible solution for efficient power supply management, optimization load forecasting, remote monitoring, and electricity usage tracking.
651 Door Security Health We are proposing a system to open the doors of hospitals remotely. The proposed system uses the Internet and Android as a medium to open the door remotely.
652 Industrial Automation Infrastructure our project will contribute towards Industry 4.0 with digitization of machines.It will provide the real-time monitoring,predictive maintenance,analysis of machines using IOT nodes(with mesh networking
653 Rehabilitation Health The project aims to provide a post-stroke rehabilitation system to let the survivors regain their body movement functions.
654 Traffic-sign Recognition Safety Our Traffic Sign Recognition project aims at automatic detection and classification of traffic signs in local environment using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.
655 Solar H2O Water Since time in memorial, clean drinkable water has always been a luxury for the most impoverished. Our project aims to provide an economical-alternative to expensive water filtration methods out there.
656 Smart Furnace Process Utilizing the waste heat of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) for the preheating of the metal. Secondly, to automate the feeding mechanism of metal scrap into the Electric Arc Furnace.
657 Oncus Health Human papillomavirus infection leads to the development of cervical cancer in women. Our aim is to target and kill cervical cancer cells by using herpes simplex virus, an oncolytic virus.
658 STS Bidirectional_Grid_inverter Process This project is based on the design of static transfer switch (STS) which can be employed to ensure the bidirectional power flow under different loading conditions in DC micro grid.
659 SOIL CLASSIFICATION Infrastructure A programme based on machine learning that detects the composition of soil and predict what type of soil it is through use of images. It enables an opportunity for testing at a cheaper way.
660 Alternate Constellation Process In GPS denied environment like jamming and spoofing, relying only on GPS is not a secure option therefore an alternate GNSS constellation selection algorithm should be developed to switch in jam area.
661 Air-starting system Process Starting of Engine using compressed air as an alternate option in some heavy engines. As the system becomes older, parts become unavailable. The project is focused on finding a local solution.
662 Local Aviation Infrastructure Design and costing plan for production of a two-seater aircraft that can be manufactured completely in Pakistan, only using materials, processes and resources already available within the country.
663 Nickel Synthesis Process We want to synthesize the porous nickel catalyst at an indigenous level which will be more efficient and cheaper. It will provide greater economic benefits to the industrial sector.
664 e-crewing 360˚ Infrastructure e-Crewing 360 is a cloud-based VR training solution for maritime industry, that increases efficiency of ship management companies by providing a platform for T&d of employees.